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The Past Year at EAG Group

We are thrilled to announce as we progress into our third year of operations that EAG group during the past 12 months has achieved a significant 48% growth. The past year has been a one of challenge and disruption and almost unrecognisable in comparison to what life was like just over one year ago. The pandemic has hit everyone both professionally and personally but with resilience and determination the end is almost in sight. We could not be prouder as a group to have contributed to the amazing work that has been done by the NHS by manufacturing vital ventilator parts for a consortium involved with the disruption of the ventilations since the hight of the pandemic in April 2020. These parts are still being produced by our team to this day helping to avoid the challenge the NHS faced last year when ventilators started running low. Our growth in the past year has a lot to do with our amazing team and we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of them for their hard work despite the circumstances. We look forward to growing evermore in the future.