Computer Numerical Control

CNC Capabilities

EAG group provides CNC machining services to the Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Defence and power generation industries. Thanks to our comprehensive range of modern CNC machinery and as a result of over one hundred plus years of engineering experience. We offer precision-machined components of the highest possible standard. Please see our capabilities page for our exact capabilities.

CNC Milling Capacity

To offer our clients the very best service, we are continually improving our CNC workshop and upgrading our milling equipment. This has led to an investment in high capacity, multi-axis CNC machines. We offer a considerable CNC milling capacity to all of our clients at EAG. Our capacity boasts a horizontal milling capacity of 1000mm Cube and our vertical milling capacity of up to 1400mm with 4th Axis.

CNC Turning Capacity

Along with the CNC milling capacity we also offer our customers EAG also boasts considerable horizontal and vertical turning capacity ensures that we are able to produce a large volume of high quality turned parts to keep up with our customer’s requirements. Our vertical turning capacity allows us to produce larger and heavier parts. Whereas our horizontal capacity helps us with longer parts. Here at EAG we have a horizontal turning capacity of up to a 500mm diameter with full “Y” axis and a vertical turning capacity of up to an 800mm diameter with Live tooling.